Exotic Tiles in Melbourne

Jaden Homes provides you with the most luxurious range of tiles in Melbourne. We stock high-quality stuff and guarantee you great customer service. Our tile range is exotic and is available at highly competitive rates. Whether you need tiles for your home or office, we have what your property needs and deserves.We have a wide range of tiles sourced from all around the world. View our entire range online and get an appointment to visit our showroom. If you are looking to buy tiles from Melbourne’s best supplier, just get in touch with us right now.

Shop the Best Collection of Tiles from Jaden Homes

Jaden Homes stocks the best range of floor tiles in Melbourne. Our tiles are available in all types of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. We have a variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. Whether you need tiles for your bathroom or living room, we have them. We keep updating our stock with the latest and most innovative designs. Buy tiles in Melbourne that exude quality, only from Jaden Homes.

Tiles by Material

We have a large range of tiles in Melbourne, available in different materials. Some such tiles are:

  • Ceramic tiles: Our ceramic tile range is highly versatile. These tiles are easy to clean and long-lasting.
  • Ceramic tiles: Our ceramic tile range is highly versatile. These tiles are easy to clean and long-lasting.
  • Marble tiles: Naturally elegant and allergen-resistant, these tiles come with a high-end finish to provide a luxurious look.
  • Granite tiles: Our granite floor tiles in Melbourne add great value to your property and are also water-resistant.
  • Glass tiles: Ideal for vertical surfaces, screens and walls; glass tiles can also be used for flooring purposes. Our glass tiles make your rooms look larger than they are.
  • Natural stone tiles: Our natural stone tiles add warmth to your floor and facilitate natural underfloor heating. They have a unique and regal look and keep your floors hygienic.

Tiles by Room

Our customers buy tiles in Melbourne for a variety of rooms and spaces. We have specialised tiles for all spaces, such as:

  • Drawing room: Large and highly aesthetic tiles that complement your home’s architecture.
  • Living room: Pleasant-looking tiles that add warmth to the cosiest corner of your house.
  • Bedroom: Serene tiles that are dust-resistant and spill-resistant.
  • Bathroom: A different set of tiles for bathroom walls, partitions, ceilings and floors.
  • Kitchen: Splash-resistant tiles that give your kitchen a luxurious feel.
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Commercial Tiles for All your Needs

Our commercial floor tiles in Melbourne are perfect for offices, warehouses, factories, gyms, malls and educational institutes. Some features of these tiles are:

  • Anti-skid quality
  • Germ-free surfaces
  • Stain-resistance
  • Customisability

We are capable of providing you with commercial tiles as per your needs – regardless of the size and scale of the order.

Outdoor Tiles

Our outdoor tiles in Melbourne are suitable for driveways, garages, lawns and patios. Some features of our outdoor tiles are:

  • They are made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials.
  • They have the appearance of stones, wood and other natural elements.
  • They are resistant to thermal shock. 
  • They are easy to install and remove.
  • They are environmentally friendly.

Enquire about the tiles you like and contact us today to buy tiles in Melbourne.


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